Friedrich Hauptmann - Consultant

Consultant for toy safety, quality and environmental solution

How our co-operation works

  • You inform me of a problem or you let me check your products (under safety aspects).
  • I suggest solutions - but you make the final decisions!
  • I work independently according to your instructions and inform you on my progress until your decisions are required.
  • Where necessary, I recommend the test lab most suited to dealing with your problem, which you can then contact.
  • I control the results from labs, product development, pilot production, and mass production, and check for adherence to all safety, environmental, quality, and legal requirements.
  • If products are manufactured abroad, I can take up a direct contact to the manufacturer. Copies of this correspondence in English will be sent to you.
  • You give me your drafts for operating instructions and package texts. I supply the relevant safety texts and check compliance to all legal specifications and that the correct version of the CE symbol is used.
  • In many countries the applications to administrative bodies and authorities require great patience and tact. My longstanding contacts are of help and can often lead to quicker results.
  • Due to my continuing learning process and my longstanding contacts with authorities, labs, licensing authorities, and administrative offices, I often receive advance information on new developments. This knowledge can be advantageous to you in new product developments and help you to avoid expensive changes later.
  • I can support your new products by applying my knowledge of special product-related problems gained through previous experience.
  • My involvement during the earliest stages of product development brings you the best value for money, as I can then accompany your product from the start and ensure that all known problems are avoided.