Friedrich Hauptmann - Consultant

Consultant for toy safety, quality and environmental solution

General terms and conditions

  1. Trade secrets, discretion
    The consultant of the Friedrich Hauptmann Consultant Company (referred to in the following as "Consultant") guarantees absolute discretion in his dealings with trade secrets, particularly regarding new products or product ideas from his clients.
  2. Information transfer, intellectual property
    The client shall use all information and assessments obtained from the consultant for his business purposes only. He shall not transfer this information to third parties. The consultant reserves all rights to the communications and information he provides. It is forbidden to transfer or publicise this information. The client is liable to the consultant for all damage arising from the transfer of information.
  3. Assessment, liability
    All assessments given by the consultant are made to the best of his knowledge and belief. The consultant is not liable for any omissions or errors in his assessments, unless he makes these deliberately or out of negligence. All assessments are based on the current level of knowledge. The client is reminded that the consultant may find it necessary to destroy the product partially or totally in order to make an assessment. The client waives any claims he may have on the consultant in connection with this destruction of goods.
  4. The client retains the ownership of the goods.
  5. Returns and transport costs
    The assessed articles will be returned collectively to the client, to save postage costs. There is no fixed time for returning goods.
  6. Storage of assessed articles
    The client shall store the returned assessed goods in a suitable place. These goods shall be held available in the case of enquiries or complaints. A storage term of 10 years is required following the product liability act and the EMC regulations.
  7. Terms of payment, prices
    The results of assessments and invoices will be sent by post, fax , or eMail. The client shall pay the net amount within 14 days of the date of invoice.
  8. Place of jurisdiction is the legal domicile of the Consultant.
  9. Validity
    Changes and amendments to this contract shall be made in writing. If single conditions of this contract are invalid, they shall be replaced according to their purpose and the result wished for by both partners. If individual conditions do not apply, the remaining conditions keep their validity.Waldrain1, D-63801 Kleinostheim (Germany)



Waldrain1, D-63801 Kleinostheim (Germany)
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